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Hype Overload - Here's the only 2 pieces of software you really need

Once upon a time, a long time ago I wrote an article talking about the main pieces of software you needed as a Private Label Amazon FBA seller.

Well, since we’re still in gold rush mode and the competition fiercer than ever, I decided to cover this topic again, only this time, I recommend just 2 pieces of software, that’s right, 2.

You need a good product database + a good chrome extension – that’s it

amazon product research software tools

Product research is the most important part of selling on Amazon, period. It’s the thing you need to get right (and even then, you’ll be aiming for base hits and not home runs), so a good product database tool is a must.

A product database, if you’re unaware, is something that lets you plug in your product criteria as a seller and search Amazon, so basically, you say ‘show me all the products in beauty with less than X reviews and more than 20k sales per month’.

It makes it a lot easier to make a list of potential products and once you have found one, you should then go and use the Jungle Scout chrome extension (or unicorn smasher etc ) to check the product on Amazon and see the depth.

Your goal is to get a feel for demand, not exact sales info - only Amazon has that.

As for which database to choose, I only ever recommend Jungle Scout or Amazeowl, both have different features and you can and should trial both and see which you like best. Fair price points and they get the job done.

There are lots of databases out there now and I'm just saying don't over think this stuff and get sucked into the hype vortex.

junglescout alternatives

A quick side note on why I think Viral Launch isn't worth it

People specifically ask me about Viral launch a lot so I'm going to mention it separately. It has a lot of marketing glitz and a lot of youtube affiliates sucking it off around the clock for the fat commission with CLICK ME thumbnails and outrageous claims.

My personal opinion is that it does the job just fine, but no better than JS or Amazeowl - the difference being they charge like 100 dollars a month. 50 bucks is about the minimal effective dose for a database + tracker tool really). I honestly don't believe you are getting $50 of extra value.

They throw in a keyword tool which they market like it’s the second coming of Jesus Christ, but the fact is, it’s nothing special.

I’ve had shills debate me and try and tell me they have somehow obtained real Amazon keyword data (which I doubt). then again, even if it was legit Amazon data, without seeing myself, how could I verify the claim?

amazon FBA software


They also claim that the cost is justified because this keyword tool is so magical that, just getting that one special keyword means your product is successful etc because then you get you drop 5 grand of giving away free units to rank for your keyword, which doesn't even work anymore! (apart from the super url via FB ads way).

thanks but no thanks, I'd much rather drop money on building my brand outside of amazon where its safe from fluctuations and suspension.

which is only if all the other ingredients in the mix add up (price point, selection, differentiation, and listing).

As for super fancy keyword tools in general, as I’ve argued before, merchant words and keyword inspector together, plus common sense and basic product researching, will give you more than enough keywords that you could dream of, without setting you back (yes sonar will also do the job, yes helium 10 KW tool too, but again, price and preference).

Using Merchant Words and Keyword Inspector together is how I’ve made endless listings that convert at 40% or higher and had products in categories like sexual health (with no PPC) outrank all other naughty products.

So naturally, when I see new sellers believing they are dead in the water without the 'magical tool', it pisses me off.

best fba software

Another thing about the big-claim software

If you picked a bad product, can’t land it at a good price, have shitty images or any other host of problems, your Second coming savior keyword tool isn’t going to rapture your garlic press (on a side note, to help diagnose poor sales, read this monster)

But this just one opinion

This is just me sharing my opinion and like everybody else, I have tools I like and that work very well for me (which is important since I create listings every week).

But unlike a lot of the Youtube videos you’ll see, I have no affiliate codes and I have no interest in recommending one over another.

So be your own brain and use the free trials and play in the sandbox a bit, maybe you will find a better combination that suits YOU and YOUR business, which is the most important thing.

And what about all the other software?

Let’s be real, these days, Amazon is a tougher nut to crack. I used to recommend automated feedback tools, now I don’t because Amazon let customers opt out of seller messages so 90% of your messages won’t even reach the buyer.

fba software review

I used to recommend AMZ tracker and other launch programs – but ever since Amazon cracked down on incentivized reviews, they ALL became a total and complete waste of money.

In fact, apart from secret review groups and other grey hat stuff, there is no real easy way to get reviews these days, unless you have an email list of prospects.

I like Jungle Scout products, but Jumpsend is worthless, as are almost all launch-coupon tools – so please, save your money.

I’ve never really recommended any of the product cost calculators (like manage by stats) since why pay 100 dollars a month for something you can do for free in google or excel spreadsheets?

But if they float your boat and you find them of use, those types of tools still work just fine.

Final thoughts – software isn’t a magic success guarantee

I love playing with different software and testing it but we all know there are no magic bullets in this game – you do the best research you can, land the product for the best price you can and hope to make It rain.

All the product research tools and keyword tools are estimates and approximations, they can help you make a better-informed decision, but that’s it.

amazon product research software

You will still have to put your balls on the chopping board and risk some money and even with everything 100% correct, there is a good chance you might just break even and liquidate.

So use the few effective tools to help you make the MAIN decisions (think the 80:20 rule) then do your best. Please don’t spend hundreds of dollars a month on software that doesn’t really add much to your business and don’t believe the hype.