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List your PL on Ebay for extra profit on autopilot

Ok so for this post I've teamed up with the guys at Inkfrog to show you how you can add another sales channel and sell your private label product on Ebay too.

The best part is, it's not only easy, you can basically automate everything, sync your existing Amazon inventory, have a branded store and have an extra sales channel to snag some dollars on.

But before the nuts and bolts, let's look at some Ebay best practices.

Create an eBay Brand and an eBay Store

Your private label brand is one of the key things differentiating your products from the millions of others on eBay, so get started on the right foot by putting your brand front-and-center:

Create an eBay seller ID that matches your brand Open an eBay store and customize it with your brand creative

You'll augment this basic start with the strategies below, with an eye toward making your brand valuable on eBay—and avoiding the worst eBay competition traps.

fba inventory sync to ebay

This is what a bad-ass ebay store can look like

Avoid Competing on Price, with Manufacturers, or in Crowded Niches

This will be something to think more about if you do retail or online arb via FBA, but even if you have multiple PL products, you'll want to select the products that you take to eBay carefully so that you aren't affected by these issues:

Don't get into pure price competition

There are dozens of sellers for most products on eBay, and all are shown prominently to shoppers. This means steeper direct competition than you're used to so try to differentiate yourself in ways that go beyond price.

Don't compete against manufacturers

Many manufacturers also sell directly on eBay. You don't want to compete against them for customers after paying them and having to add your own margin—and eBay will show their listings right alongside yours. If possible, Try to stick to products whose manufacturers don't sell on eBay.

Avoid saturated niches

eBay shoppers won't find you in ten pages of search results for similar products—not to mention that this tends to make your product look generic, private label or no. Be less inclined to take "obvious" products to eBay and look for niches where your brand will stand out.

If your PL product is non differentiated (branding or bundle) then you will have a rough time on any platform you sell on.

how to sell your fba products on ebay

You won't earn much if your manufacturer charges the same wholesale unit cost as their own eBay store price

Spend Additional Time and Money On Your Brand

For eBay selling, invest more in the creation of and creative materials for your brand, since eBay listings and storefronts give you a much larger canvas for branding.

If you haven't bothered much with creative yet, go to Fiverr or Upwork and refine your logo and graphics.

You can create a brand that shoppers could one day fall in love with since on eBay you'll have the space to woo them more, then do what it takes to win their loyalty over time.

selling from amazon to ebay

These days, cheap and even free services can really help you to polish your brand creative

And although we all love amazon, ebay is still a giant too with their own loyal customers!

Customize, Customize, Customize

If the only change you've been making to a product is to have your brand applied on the "your brand here" surface, this will be obvious when shoppers see you in search results that show many other matching offerings.

Just as importantly, if duplicating your product is as easy as sending a PNG file to a supplier, dozens of other sellers will jump in right away the moment you have success.

Most manufacturers are happy to customize products to your specifications, so label and customize if you can.

how to use inkfrong to amazon

And if the moq with logo is too high, think about bundling to add value

Many manufacturers are happy to customize existing designs to help you get started.

Trusted brands also provide a level of service beyond "bare product." If you'd like your private label to become valuable on eBay, don't ship bare products or in chintzy Ziplock bags. Vacuum-seal, bubble pack, gift box, whatever the case—do something that looks retail.

The customized packaging doesn't have to be expensive or complicate and can add significant value.

Meat and Potatoes: Use inkFrog's Designer Templates

amazon inventory to ebay

No matter what product or niche you target, you're likely to have competition sooner or later from other private labelers, or even from drop-shippers selling from your manufacturer's catalog.

So to stand out and create your brand presence, find an inkFrog template that works well for your product line and niche, then, customize it with your brand, logo, and colors and use it in all of your eBay listings.

Sell your company and your brand, rather than just selling your inventory.

Make your brand and logo very visible and avoid using manufacturer-supplied stock photos and phrases, since other eBay sellers are also likely to use them, and you want to give shoppers a reason to notice and pick you from among the many offerings.

how to set up inkfrog for amazon products

Your ebay store can look like its own standalone website

inkFrog templates are customizable and offer much more branding space than you've had on Amazon.

How you can use inkFrog to Save Time Creating Listings

Of course, given everything above, we still can't forget about the day-to-day grind. If you have a lot of products on Amazon that you'd like to also list on eBay, the thought of creating listings for each of them is about as appealing as a tobacco enema.

But inFrog makes this a piece of cake - just connect your Amazon account to inkFrog, then import your Amazon product listings.

Use can then use these to create new eBay listings, with room for you to tweak them for eBay in the process. This will eliminate much of the actual grunt work in creating your eBay listings.

selling private label products on ebay

Import your Amazon inventory to inkFrog for easy updates and relisting to eBay.

Manage Your Inventory with inkFrog

eBay's feedback system is far more prominently placed than Amazon's is, and eBay shoppers have a much longer tradition of considering—and making decisions based on—seller feedback.

You don't want any early hiccups to derail you with lowered search visibility or increased fees.

Inventory management is a particular risk because neither eBay nor eBay shoppers take kindly to orders that are canceled for inventory reasons.

But we don't sweat that because inkFrog will synchronize your eBay and Amazon inventory levels so that you don't make eBay sales that can't be fulfilled.

This will protect your feedback and avoid "defects" in your seller performance stats.

sync your amazon and ebay inventory

Configure your synchronization settings to ensure that you never list more product than you have.

Show Off Your Hard Work and Enjoy the Ride

After all the hard work you've done, show off your brand creative, your customizations, your better packaging, and better presentation whenever you can—not just in your listings but in your fulfillment materials, newsletters or email communication, and any other places you can think of.

After all, eBay shoppers want good prices, but they care about the experience, too—and on eBay, it's your experience they're getting, not just the marketplaces. They'll reward your efforts with loyalty and future purchases.

Selling on eBay can be profitable and amazingly enjoyable, particularly for sellers who are new to the amount of freedom eBay provides for branding and marketing. Be diligent, keep these points in mind, and use inkFrog to get up and running quickly and effectively.

The main thing here is, selling on ebay will cost you next to nothing extra but could land you extra sales - and that my friends is 100% upside with zero downside.

So head over to and take a look and you'll be well on your way to becoming an eBay success.