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Brutally Honest Proven Amazon Course Review

Hey there reader, after a somewhat longer than expected hiatus from the website, I'm back!

I will be taking some new tricks I learned from Shopify marketing and applying them to Amazon, but before that, I have decided to start a new youtube series called Brutally Honest Reviews.

The first in the series is the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum and you can watch or listen to it here - it's 40+ minutes and it's not the usual love fest you'll see about PAC. There is some bad language too.

This is for people on the fence about the course - it's not for people that own PAC that are looking for confirmation bias that they are either wrong or right. If you love it, great, if not, great. I own PAC, I'm in the group and that doesn't stop me from telling you that I believe parts of it are total shit.

The short version

I cover it all in the video, but generally, I think PAC is a fair price and has some good stuff, but the main problem is most of the 'courses' are just f*cking rehashed webinars - this is not an effective or structured way to learn.

Getting to the good information is more like panning for gold in a river, just super inefficient.


This is a stupid click bate tag PAC shills and affiliates use to claim that PAC is in some way a better choice. They wheel out a price comparison table and say, LOOK! PAC has a PL course AND all this other stuff. No brainer, right! AND by the way, here's my affiliate link.

And yet, if I'm doing PL, I don't care about retail arb, online Arb, liquidation flips - I care about PL - Private Label.

As for PAC's PL offering, can you REAAALLLLLY compare a fricking 9 part disjointed webinar with ASM? ASM, one of the biggest and most in-depth amazon training programs out there?

honest proven amazon course review

Yes, ASM is a total rip off sure (should be about 1k IMO), but that's not what we're looking at. PAC's is now on its 3rd Private Label course. The first was such a piece of shit that I'm not even going to mention it here, the second, Proven Private Label by Tom Freeman was excellent - then became super outdated and the third iteration is just a bunch of webinars.

To compare PAC's PL 'course' to ASM or even Scot Volker's free Private Label Classroom is like comparing Mike Tyson to a 4-year-old child.

PAC has other issues too like being all disjointed and very hit or miss on quality. Their Amazon Merch course is nothing more than an introduction, no value whatsoever (i was really looking forward to this one too), the coffee course is, again, webinars, the selling for international people section is shitty webinars AGAIN that still don't properly explain anything to UK sellers worried about tax or US sellers that want to sell on Amazon UK and need to understand VAT.

And yet I do still recommend it in some cases

The main reason I still recommend PAC sometimes is because it IS very good value for money, you do get free lifetime updates and some free E-books and whatnot and the community, while being a bit cult-like, is very helpful (the forum within the course sucks though).

Also as I said, there are lots of other Amazon business models in there too that might be interesting to people doing arbitrage, bookselling and other stuff.

The webinars DO have good info on them also, but they shouldn't be called courses!

That pretty much sums up my opinion - again, check out the video for the full version and some pretty specific criticism of the group's censorship policy.

More on these Brutal Reviews

honest proven amazon course review

Pick a Guru: Could you possibly find any more of a penis than these two?

As you may know, if you've read my blog before, I'm not a fan of affiliate marketing and a lot of the shit within the 'make money online space'. What you may not know is that I have spent thousands on training over the years and continue to do so - if an offer seems good.

The problem is, a lot of the people that promote the courses and review them, most, in fact, are total shills or leech affiliate marketers themselves that circle jerk any product they can swing a good commission on.

Quite honestly, I'm pretty sick of all of it and that's why I'm going to start doing PROPER reviews, with a dash of righteous indignation. I have no horse in the race, no commissions and nothing to gain at all.

Another problem with a lot of course reviews, if the people actually bought the course (most affiliates don't) is that retroactivly, the brain usually justifies whatever decision it makes for congruency - especially true of high ticket courses - people just can't be objective.

I, on the other hand, don't care :)

honest proven amazon course review

I will be posting Amazon reviews here and the other reviews will be on my youtube playlist (some will be Shopify, Merch etc, that may not be of interest to my Amazon-selling readers).

I have also set up a facebook group here

This will be a place where people can come and give honest feedback and opinions on this or that E-com training - quite often the guru groups block any form of public criticism so I want this to be a place where people can share any experience - good, bad or neutral.

It's not just for slamming a course, people can share an opinion and you can make up your mind!

And as usual, if you have any questions, course review requests etc, shoot me a line at or