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What software do you REALLY need?

Starting out with private labelling from scratch can be pretty daunting.

And it doesn’t help that you are faced with dozens of possible pieces of software that are all supposed to help you too.

So, it’s time to get back to basics

I want to cut through all the bullshit, the endless stream of 50K PER DAY AMAZON SELLER SHARES SECRETS webinars, sales pitching and affiliate nonsense and share my humble opinion with you.

So let’s jump in

Essential 1 for all sellers - Jungle Scout / Unicorn Smasher

best software for selling on amazon

The JS chrome extension just got bumped up in price - ouch! But this is one I feel you need. It now works with US, UK and DE and I trust it more than Unicorn Smasher.

JS has a simple and PRO version and I say, get the pro version every time – if it seems like too much money, or your budget is tight, then you’re probably not ready to start selling, investing and importing physical products.

If you only want to sell on the US then sure, you can just use Unicorn Smasher which is the free rip off version of JS. But in any case, I think it’s worth having both, just for comparison

Almost Essential 2 – Jungle Scout web App or Amachete for EU sellers

Not to be confused with the chrome extension, the web app is a different beast, but it makes finding potential products a breeze. I would recommend signing up for about a month, doing your research, then cancelling your subscription to save some money.

What is does

With their web app, you basically have a master set of filters that you can use to drill down all through Amazon and filter things to your exact criteria.

If you only want to see products that weigh less than one pound, selling for $20 in the kitchen category at a minimum of $1000 per month – the JS web app will let you find those products – in seconds.

For EU sellers or JP sellers, Amachete is something to look into, it’s interface is clunkier than JS and it lacks the polish, but I’ve hit a few good products with it.

For a full run down, check out my review on it.

software for amazon UK sellers

Essential 3 – Feedbackz or Salesbacker

Right now, Amazon still allows us to contact buyers with requests for reviews so having a good autoresponder is essential.

software for amazon EU sellers

For EU, the only way to go is Feedbackz (full review here), absolutely no questions (and yes, I’ve used them all apart from feedback5). It’s just $9.99 per month to get started and it has fantastic functionality and a brilliant interface.

If you just want to sell on the US, then I would probably go with Salesbacker since it also lets you see the percentage of buyers that actually left a review (although I still think Feedbackz has better usability).

Essential 4 – Amazeowl

best amazon selling software

Amazeowl is a new player on the scene but it’s free and most of the features will permanently be free – which makes it a no-brainer, go sign up immediately!

Not only is this little gem little known among most US sellers, it packs in a lot a features.

As of this writing, a product database has just been added (so the same as the JS web app) and although still spotty in places, it’s free.

The other prime function the competition watcher and tracker - you can set you filters in the backend, then when browsing amazon, any potential products are highlighted with all the info you need (without having to click into the product). Then, if you like the look, you can add it to the product tracker.

software for sellers

From here, you can keep a daily watch on the main competition, easily see their listings and daily sales and any fluctuations.

tools for amazon fba sellers

Here you can also check the average price and BSR changes too (from the time you add the product, so the longer you track, the more accurate the data).

fba selling software

The thing I like best, apart from the lack of a price tag, is the ease of keeping all your research together with a quick overview of all the key info (price, Google trends, sales estimates etc) and margin impact.

It’s just a very clean and organised way to structure your research.

Since the review TOS changes, I’ve cancelled my AMZ Tracker subscription and now just use Amazeowl to keep my product research nice and organised and keep a beady little eye on potential products and competitors.

Right now it only works for but UK and EU functionality will be coming. It’s a fantastic piece of software and the list of functionality is only going to get bigger – so jump on-board!

And that’s it!

Starting out, that’s all you need. Sure, once you have multiple SKUs you can then think about profit management programs (although most are a total rip off at the moment) or listing monitoring services (like Listing Eagle, which is neat).

But to begin, keep it simple – the goal is to find a good potential product and launch, anything else is just noise!

You shouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars a month on multiple tools J

For a deep review on all the tools out there

For a super deep look into all the current tools and software, you can check out my Private Label toolbox (which you should have if you are a subscriber).

It’s being updated all the time because so much new software pops up that I need to constantly modify it!