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The only tool for selling on Amazon Japan

For the longest time now, Amazon EU sellers haven’t exactly been given much love in the way of tools and software.

For anything other than the UK, the only way to even do research was the old fashioned, painful manual method – not to mention the pain in the ass of Google translating keywords and wondering if you even had the right word!

Not any more though

Finally, someone has taken the time to create something to help EU and even Japan sellers - and this isn’t just some two-bit Jungle Scout rip off, it’s even better.

The tool I’m talking about is called Amachete

tools for fba germany and japan

What it does

The first thing is does is basically act like the Jungle Scout web app, but, unlike the sweet JS app, it works for UK, Germany and Japan (with all other marketplaces coming too).

Why this is amazing is because you can simply enter in your product criteria based on price range and BSR, and have the tool pull in everything that matches, so you are left with dozens of pages of product ideas that match your selling criteria

Here’s what it looks like for Japan

tools for fba germany and japan

As you can see, it is simple enough that a small child could use it.

Not only that, it has an app too (currently iOS) so you can line up potential products when stuck in traffic or just hanging around waiting.

And it’s an amazing help when you don’t have the language skills

A massive time saver here is that, by using Amachete, you don’t need to spend forever messing about with Google translate because you can just let the tool pull in products.

When I was looking at Japan, I would spend forever just trying to get the words right, cross referencing Google images to check and just killing myself.

amazon japan research

Now at the click of a button you can start drilling into highly popular products on any of the EU platforms.

You can track items too or add them to your favourites to keep an eye on them and see how they perform over time (don’t forget you can also track all EU and JP products in AMZtracker).

And you get a hijacker alert

Some software offers this as a standalone, with Amachete, it’s already in there for you. On the basic plan you can monitor up to 5 products to make sure you bash down any dirty hijackers the minute they pop up.

Next up, like Jungle Scout, it also works in your browser

As you can see from this shot, you can easily pull in the numbers for your potential products and get a quick snapshot of the reviews, daily sales and more.

fba tools japan and germany

I personally find the display format for Unicorn Smasher and JS to be a bit easier to understand, but it’s only a minor matter of aesthetics and pretty much a non-issue when you consider that the other tools only work for one or two marketplaces.

So how much is it?

Here’s the pricing:

amazon fba germany japan tools

Not only is it cheaper than the JS web tool (which I still love btw), it has more features to boot and works on more marketplaces.

For me, as primarily an EU seller, it’s a total no brainer!

UPDATE: Since writing this glorious puff piece, Jungle Scout now works with all the amazon marketplaces so really, I would have to only recomend amachete now if you're interested in