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Why Feedbackz is the only choice for EU sellers

As it is, Feedbackz is a pretty underrated piece of feedback-followup software among the other big names like Feedback Genius and Salesbacker. Too bad because, in my opinion, it’s one of the best out there - both in terms of functionality and price.

Spread over different clients, I've played with all the Amazon autoresponder software out there and apart from being one of my favourites, Feedbackz, is the only choice that makes sense for anyone selling on Amazon Europe, and here’s why: For $9.99, you get up to 500 mails and access to the US and all the EU marketplaces at no extra cost, unlike Feedback Genius that costs an extra $10 per marketplace (which would be over $50 per month for all EU market places).

With Feedbackz, you have all the analytics and a really nice interface and email creator, and all the segmentation rules and filters that the others have.

feedback software for amazon eu

The only thing you are missing out on is the negative review alerts and some of the higher-end features and tracking that Feedback Genius has, but Imo, the only real missing feature is the negative review alert. That being said, if you use software like AMZ Tracker, you get that anyway.

Feedbackz Vs. Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius

As I mentioned above, with Feedback genius you can enable EU accounts , but only at an EXTRA ten bucks PER account. That means you have your basic plan cost, plus ten dollars per account.

Here’s the breakdown:

feedback software for amazon eu

Supported marketplaces: .com, uk, de, it, fr, ca, es, mx

Features: negative feedback notifications and analytics for the medium plan, UPS tracking for more accurate delivery estimates, attachments, analytics and AB testing (for the $80 plan)

Free plan: 100 messages for one marketplace

Small plan $20 per month, 1000 feedback notifications

Plans up to $250 per month


feedback software for amazon eu

Supported marketplaces: .com, uk, de, it, fr, es – no extra cost like Feedback Genius

Features: easy to edit full html/css templates, no extra cost for EU emails/accounts, file attachments, analytics, and segmentation options to not send feedback requests on promo-purchased items

Silver plan: starts at 500 emails per month for just $9.99

Feedbackz vs. Feedback5

feedback software for amazon eu

The other software that works for UK and EU sellers is called Feedback5.

Interestingly enough, as of this writing , Feeback5 is the only autoresponder that works with Amazon India, but realistically, it’s not much of a USP when there are so few Amazon India sellers. Other than that the poor price point, the interface is lagging behind Feedbackz. When i look at Feedback5 I get the feeling that they started ahead of the pack, catering to the EU sellers, but have since fallen behind the newer players in the game. No offence guys!

Decent price, but other than that, lacklustre in comparison. Supported marketplaces: .ca,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr

Features: Negative review alerts

Plans from $9.99 for 250 emails

So to wrap up, you can quite easily see that, if you sell on Amazon EU, Feedbackz is really the only choice product. Great functionality and the easily the best price. Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with Feedbackz or a shill for their software – I’m just a seller who really likes what they’ve created!