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Thinking of selling on Amazon Europe - read this first

Today I’m going to break down Amazon US and Europe a little bit, so if you have a top-selling product in the US and are thinking of dipping your toes into the nest of the EU, keep reading.

Alternatively, if you have just started researching products and are from the EU, pay attention too.

All the talk of opportunity

It’s easy to preach the opportunity of selling in the EU, I do it myself. You get access to 5 counties and can have all your stock in the UK FBA center. Once you enable your listings, orders will flow in from all over Europe and it’s the most beautifully seamless thing there is.

selling on amazon europe

But, having just basked in those Euros, I should also point out that, right now, for the most part, Germany and the UK and pretty much the only Amazon EU countries pulling down good numbers.

This will change over time I’m sure, but the fact remains that the ride is not so wild all over Amazon.

The markets are much, much smaller than the US which means…

Your product might just not perform that well

The depth of the US market is so deep that you can turn a profit branding and selling a mindboggling array of items.

In the UK, there are a whole lot of things that, just don’t do big daily volume!

A 10-a-day product in the US might be 2 or 3 in the UK, with the occasional peep from Europe.

So, if you have a good US product, really do your research for the UK!

Here’s an example – Moscow Mule Mug (I lived in Moscow for 7 years and actually never tried one, sigh). has quite a few trained sellers already on this one - not something I’d want to sell, BUT, people are selling them. So here’s a quick shot of the top three organic results for ‘Moscow Mule Mug’

product research for

As you can see, pretty strong BSRs so the sales volume will be pretty great for these guys (FYI, that extra info you can see there is from a Chrome extension called AMZ seller browser)

Now let’s check out the same product in the UK

product research amazon UK

Just LOOK at those BSRs for the TOP TWO sellers! And trust me, it doesn’t get much prettier from there. This product is tumble weed town.

Just remember, Jungle Scout works for the UK too so you should be able to avoid any pitfalls when planning your product.

If you want to sell in Europe, it’s usually better to research from scratch

If it doesn’t fit, don’t just force your product on the market. I had a whole set of related products planned for my first brand and the depth and volume just wasn’t there.

Finding items with sub 5000 BSRs that shift some good volume is possible on Amazon UK, it just requires more work. Starting with the top 100 selling lists, you can get some ideas and drill down from there.

But the good news is

There is much less competition on amazon UK as even UK sellers start with the US!

This means, for most things, you can have a much easier ride when you finally do find a great opportunity, not only that, the ACOS on PPC is so, so much cheaper.

amazon ppc

Not only that, the average item cost for a lot of things is quite a bit higher than on (go compare some beauty products to see the difference). Even with the 20% VAT, you can still enjoy a much higher margin a lot of the time.

So if you’re from the EU and starting out – which market place should you choose?

For most, I say choose the easiest option, so if you are from the UK, start there to learn the ropes - then expanding to the US will be extra easy – the caveat is, make 100% sure that your product for the UK has enough sellers on page one with sub 5000 BSRs!

If it doesn’t, but you really love the product, then go ahead and jump right into selling on and take the plunge.