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How to set up user permissions in Amazon

If you have ever wanted to help set up someone's Amazon account or do some freelance work on someone’s seller central account, this is how you do it. (If you have no time to read, here's a download link to a PDF with the instructions)

Amazon’s rules on multiple seller accounts

A lot of people seem to be confused by this, so I’ll go over it quickly.

You can have one Amazon account per geographical region and that’s it. Each region should have it’s own e-mail address (so one e-mail for and another for .com). To have more than one seller account for the same region (i.e. two seller accounts for, you need special permission from Amazon.

As a quick FYI, what I mean by geographical region is that you can have one account for Amazon UK, one for and one for Amazon Japan and so on. Also remember that with your UK seller central account you can access Amazon Europe (.de, .es, .it, .fr), and from your .com seller central you can access Amazon US and Canada (and possibly Mexico coming soon).

Confusion when working on other people's’ accounts

People usually ask about this when they want to help someone else set up a seller account or, like myself, when they are doing some Amazon freelancing.

You don’t need their password or anything, you just need them to set up a seller account and give you user permissions to all the work you need. This is perfectly fine with Amazon and won’t set off any alarm bells.

If you really need to help someone create their seller account and they can't do it, make sure you do the set up from their computer, not yours (you don't want Amazon thinking you are logging into multiple accounts from the same IP). Or you can use something like Teamviewer to remotely access their computer and do it from there.

Setting up user permissions

1. Go to your seller central page and, in the settings in the right corner, select ‘user permissions’

2. From there, enter the Email of the person you would like to approve to work on the account.

3. Then the user will get a pop up saying ‘an invitation has been sent to XXXX’

4. Now, the user has to wait for the freelancer to send back this confirmation code

5. Once you have the code, you need to go back to the user permissions page and click ‘confirm’ under pending users.

6. On the next screen, click ‘add user permissions’ and select the permissions needed (for ppc, adding product descriptions etc )

7. Finally, on the next screen, click ‘add user permissions’ and select the permissionsneeded (for ppc, adding product descriptions etc )

To get a quick PDF of these instructions (that you can send to new clients etc), you can grab one here.

But what if i really really want two seller central central accounts for one region and Amazon won’t let me / I don’t even want to ask them?

Well, in this case, you’ll need to use a static IP address over a VPN. What this means is, when you want to set up and login to your ‘other’ Amazon account, you’ll need to trick Amazon into thinking it’s coming from another place (Amazon will know if there are more than one user logging in from the same IP address, i.e. home) and possibly suspend accounts.

By using a VPN, it will be like you are logging in from the same location every time (based where you choose). Some sellers are so paranoid about their seller central accounts that they only ever log in from a static VPN, just to be on the safe side.

There are many different VPN services and they usually come with a small monthly fee, so google around.

Happy freelancing!