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You can't Amazon SEO your way to page one, here's why:

Amazon isn’t Google and you can’t just keyword drive your way to the top.

You see, as well as selling my own branded products, I also consult and work with existing Amazon sellers who aren’t getting traction and brick and mortars that are looking to get into Amazon.

Here’s something I hear a lot: I need an SEO expert to boost my listing to page one on Amazon!

Each time I hear this, I need to explain that everything about this whole statement is wrong. To do well on Amazon, you have to at least have a basic understanding of how their algorithm works.

Amazon is not Google and even if it was, you can’t just wave a magic keyword wand and appear on page one.

A quick word on SEO

amazon seo, ppc

SEO is not some magic science and Amazon SEO is no different. Anyone who tells you they can organically get you to page one on Google or Amazon quickly is probably talking shit. Sorry to be blunt, but the quicker you understand this, the more money you’ll save.

Likewise, if you are paying thousands of dollars per month for SEO services, you should probably stop, now.

Sure, there was a time a few years ago when you could rank a site for Google quickly - those times are gone and people still trying to build low-value affiliate sites are yet to wake up and smell the coffee.

So, with that out of the way, let’s talk about Amazon SEO.

What you need to know about Amazon SEO

Amazon is a search engine too, but its goals are different to Google’s. Google wants to give uses the best experience, most relative information. Amazon wants the consumer to buy as much as possible.

When you optimise your Amazon listing, all you are doing is making sure your listing has a better chance at conversion when someone clicks on it.

Simply peppering your listing with keywords will not boost you to page one, unless you in a very low competitive niche with a few pages of results.

Also, here’s something else a lot of SEO stuffing ‘specialists’ don’t take into account, Amazon only uses a few things for ranking keywords, don’t believe me? It’s right there in Amazon’s guidelines:

amazon seo, ppc

So, when someone says Amazon SEO me to page one baby! It simply isn’t possible.

So how do you get to page one on Amazon?

The most important thing you can do to get to page one is, drum roll, make sales.

Yes, there are many other ranking factors (have a look at this excellent article for a breakdown of all of the factors), but sales, click through rate and conversions are the 20% of work that will yield the 80% of your results (in this case, results mean getting your listing closer to page one).

Now ask yourself, how is the average ‘SEO specialist’ on Fiverr or Upwork going to do that for you?

You shouldn’t even be asking for people to SEO and keyword you to page one!

The question you as a client or seller need to ask is: what plan of action do I need to strategically improve my listing ranking and sales over time.

By asking someone to SEO your listing to page one you are asking for trouble.


Because you’ll get floods of offers from low-grade ‘SEO specialists’ that will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

They will assure you that they will take you to page one because they want to land the job.

Ignore anyone who ever guarantees this – nobody can control Google and nobody can control Amazon.

That is the truth right there.

So can I strategically get to page one?

amazon seo, ppc

Yes you can and no, it has nothing to do with SEO keyword stuffing or sprinkling.

To get to page one, you need to generate a sales spike, in the words of Ryan Moran, yoga matt millionaire, you need to spike your BSR. To do this, offer your product for $1 dollar sale and run a campaign to your list, facebook group of use review services like Tomospan, Zonblast, or Amz tracker’s new review service.

By shifting a nice bulk of units in a short time frame, you will catapult your listing much closer to the front page. The one caveat is: the more competitive your niche and the stronger the competition, the more units you will need to blast giveaway and the more money you will need to spend.

That’s it. That’s how you get to page one. To stay there, you’ll need consistent sales and conversions.

When your artificial blast takes you page one, you will start getting organic sales by virtue of being much higher up in the search results – it’s at this point that your properly optimised listing will start getting you more sales, a lot more, than your unoptimised competition.

Can I strategically rank for keywords?

amazon seo, ppc

Yes you can! Presuming you have properly researched your keywords, you need to make sure they are present in the listing and start running properly-structured Amazon pay per click campaigns.

The best thing about running Amazon PPC is that it will help you rank for your keywords (remember, more sales = higher rank).


Customer types in a keyword using Amazon’s search field > Customer clicks on Sponsored Ad > Customer purchases product > Amazon takes note that the item just purchased should rank for that keyword.

More sales through that keyword = the higher you rank for organic search.

That is how you can actively take action and boost a product through the ranks, it’s very simple and perfectly white hat.

Boost giveaway + proper PPC campaign = boosted listing ranking for keywords

Magic ‘SEO optimised listing’ + nothing else = field of dreams

Stick to these rules and you can’t go far wrong.

If you want to boost your sales and take your business to a new level or just sell more to make a better life for your family, please take the time to learn what is possible and what is just old school internet marketing snake oil bullshit.

Happy selling!