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Creating an Amazon listing that converts

One of the most powerful, actionable things your can do for your product right now is to create a properly optimised listing.

It amazes me to see that so many sellers are leaving money on the table because of terrible images, weak or non-existent copy and, sometimes, not even using the bullets. It’s like the field of dreams of listings.

It’s important to take care of your listing now because, there will come a time in the future when all listings will be fully optimised. Make sure you get there first before life gets that little bit harder.

Now, presuming you didn’t accidently choose a dud product, here’s some tips on optimising your listing.


Your title something you need to get right. Look at some of your top selling competitors and see what they are doing right, use them for inspiration.

DO: Include as many of your keywords as possible

DO: Make it sound appealing

DONT: Blindly keyword stuff

DON’T: Write some 200 word epic description, Amazon will be cracking down on the obscene long descriptions

Here's some good example:

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

Simple, clean and to the point.

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

As you can see, this one adds an emotional trigger too with the whole peace of mind idea.

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

Here's a top seller (I'm guessing an ASM graduate by the style) with the kind of long, keyword stuffed listing that I think will be cracked down on hard.


This will have a major impact on conversions. Your products are your brand. If they look like some cheap stock pictures, people won’t want to buy or they'll buy from your competition.

DO: use at least 6 to 8 high Res images if possible

DO: use high-quality professional or 3d rendered images.

DON’T: be tempted to just use your iphone camera, I know it’s great, but it won’t compete with a professional photographer.

Aside from just product images, think about the context of your product, set the stage and show it being used. Even if you sell something as simple as a dog bowl, that baby better pop! Images of super cute dogs eating from said bowl.

The bowl filled with food in a lovely kitchen, you get the idea.

Here's a good example of a prodcut being shown in use (I even kind of want to buy this flashlight!)

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

Here's another effective listing example, although they could do with some more images.

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

For quality, I use 3d images, other people just hire a professional photographer. Personally, I prefer 3d images, but that’s just me.

I used Fiverr and simply searched ‘amazon 3d images’ there. Make sure you look at the freelancers' portfolios before deciding and then have them send the highest image quality and resolution possible.

Another reason I personally opted for 3d images was because I wasn’t in the UK to actually get a photograph of my finished product. I only had the final images my supplier sent me, which, frankly, looked crap. Fortunately my designer was able to turn that poop into solid gold.

Copy enhanced images and selecting the best main image

This is where you add sales copy and benefits directly to the images - you can see the examples above are doing a great job of this.

As for the main product image, in this article I break down a quick and cheap way of using Facebook ads to split test images to see which one people like the best - this is key for getting those clicks to your listing!

Go read How to split test and choose the best images for your Amazon product


Naturally a new product will have zero reviews which is why, Ideally, you should have a pre-launch plan in place, if not, you can build your reviews in two ways:

1) Promotion sides like zonblast (a bit pricey IMO) and tomoson – you offer a steep discount in return for an honest review.

I would recommendthe AMZ tracker review group personally.

2) Sign up for one of the many follow up services like feedback genius or feedbackz (which is what I use as it works in the UK).

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

Set up a couple of sequences to automatically send once the customer receives their product. If you’re not sure what to write, head over to fiverr where you can purchase some nice feedback templates for a mere $5.

Building reviews can be a slow grind, but the more you can afford to giveaway for, say a dollar, at launch, the faster this process will be.

Sale price

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

Always have your list price set much higher than you actually plan on selling for. This will create that nice little ‘you save X’ and have the first prices crossed out. People like to think they’re getting a good deal.

Bullet points

Your bullet points are your gold, make sure you use all of them! Make them concise and snappy and make sure they highlight all your products main advantages.

If you can’t think of things, look at your competitors negative reviews. If, for example, someone in the reviews said ‘this dog bowl sides all over the floor and kibble spills out everywhere’, that’s an idea for a bullet (this is something you look at when thinking about how to improve products too).

So your bullet could be something like:

ZERO-SLIP BASE: this bowl wont slide around the floor and make a mess.

For a full guide on writing good bullets, read this article called How to write bullets that convert. It is packed with great information.

Here's some other detailed examples to look at:

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

And I couldn't leave out the flashlight:

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

And here's an example of how not to do your bullets:

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

Product description

This is where you will need to get a little creative on the copy writing. If you have no clue about copy writing, have a look at recommendations for the best books on copy writing.

The goal for your description is Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

Note the call to action at the end here

Along with your man text, include a money back guarantee.

Somewhat cliché but still important, you want to include a block with your refund policy, whatever it may be. It’s important as it will add an extra layer of trust for your potential buyers. Plus, you shouldn’t be selling bad quality products that will generate a load of refunds.

Creating an Amazon listing that converts

Another thing to include (once you have some reviews ) is a 'see what our customers are saying' section.

Done correctly, this can be really effective.

When putting the finishing touches, make it visually stand out (if possible).

I and a lot of sellers use basic html in the product listing because, without it, your description will just be an unsightly blob of text. Blobs of texts don’t get read and they sure don’t convert.

However, amazon do say html is not allowed, thus using it could get you in trouble. (although I find it strange they allow the use of basic html in the editor if it really isn’t allowed).

If you are unsure, contact seller support for your country or skip the product description altogether. No description is better than a terrible blob of unformatted text.

If you decide to go with the html but don’t know a lick of code, write and format your description in word then use clean to HTML to convert your text (it’s free).

If you have problems with copy writing or English is not your first language, let a professional take care of your listing. If you need a hand, head over to my services section and I will be happy to provide a top-quality converting listing for you.

Final checklist

If you have taken all this onboard, you should have yourself a pretty sweet listing by now. But, before save your changes, here is a quick round-up of the points we went over.

Title Length – Less than 200?

Bullet Points - minimum of 5, focusing on the benefits then features?

Total Images - at least 6? High Res, product in use, copy enhanced?

Number of Reviews - at least 10

Description – HTML formatted, TOS be damned!

Chars in Description – 2000 Maxed out (including HTML symbols)

Fulfilled By Amazon – This most definitely gives you an advantage

Launch that listing!

Your listing ready to roll.

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