Product research without the expensive monthly subscriptions 

amazo product research 2019

Ok, it's no secret that if you are selling on Amazon (or plan to) than the number one, most important thing is doing GOOD product research.

The problem is, most of the good tools out there want to charge you monthly subscriptions, even when you've finished sourcing and what's even worse, the maxim subscription packages can be insanely expensive!


The highest Jungle Scout Web App package is 100 dollars and if you want the deep keyword analytics of Viral Launch's software, you'll be looking at over $80 bucks a month - ouch

So here's what I am now offering - I will charge you a small one-off fee - and use my accounts to do the research for you, so you don't have to worry about paying a fortune each month.

For just 50 dollars, I will run the search for you and provide you with a massive set of leads that you can investigate further.

We're talking hundreds of potentially lucrative products with low reviews in the 'safe' categories.

All you need to do is click the order button (via paypal)  then e-mail me any preference you have. For example, you can say 'show me all the products in baby that have less than 10 reviews and make 100k in sales per month. 

And I will do the rest for whichever Amazon marketplace you need!

I will also run the product searches through both Jungle Scout AND Viral launch (for US research) AT NO EXTRA COST to give you a nice data comparison

Now if you're still new in the game and need some pointers, or maybe you are unfamiliar with the most popular product research tools then here's an example of the kind of information I can help you generate.

private label research 2019

Would you ever think of parchment paper sheets?? These markets also look promising from a revenue perspective, ranging from $7k-$22k per month.

make money on amazon

Remember, the point here is that, you can now make use of the highest tiers of research software without getting locked into monthly plans.

Whatever the marketplace, you can now drill in and prepare a mega launch!


Click to buy now, or if you would like to shoot me any questions, please drop me a line