The Private Label Master Blueprint - 16 Steps to Launch Your First Product 

Are you ready to start a real, scalable physical product business?


If you have long been looking for a way out of the 9 to 5 and build a real online asset, there has

never been a better time than now to start selling your own branded products on Amazon.


By harnessing the power of FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) you can totally outsource your entire

business and let Amazon do what they do best. With FBA, you never have to think about delivery or


This book will arm you with the tools and knowledge to go from nothing - to running a profitable, 

scalable physical product business, practically on autopilot - on or UK!


You can build this business from anywhere in the world! 


Shopping online is becoming extremely easy for many countries and Amazon

is investing billions of dollars to make sure it’s the leading e commerce platform in as many

countries as possible.


You can sell on multiple Amazon platforms, all from one seller account. 

You can now sell on and all from one Seller Central account.


Like me, you can also sell on all of the European platforms —,,,, and —  all from one account!


By using what you learn in the Private Label Master Blueprint, you can tap into Amazon's colossal potential - no matter what country you are from.

I this book, I cover every single aspect of the Amazon Private Label FBA business model – in detail – with action check lists at the end of every chapter, a glossary of terms and a list of every website link you'll need.


Here's how I break it down exactly:



Part 1: Setting up your account (for both U.S. and non U.S. sellers)


1-1: Account setup for US citizens / residents

1-2: Account setup for UK citizens selling on

1-3: Account setup for other counties / non-supported countries to sell on

1-4: Selling on Amazon UK & EU – an overview


Part 2: How to properly research products


2-1: Introduction

2-2 Product research tools

2-3: Product selection rules

2-4: Product selection using software


Part 3: Finding a potential supplier & making contact


Part 4: Understanding price quotes and built-in costs


Part 5: Placing your sample order


Part 6: Extra shipping details


6-1 Basic calculations

6-2 Air V Sea

6-3 Air freight V air express

 6-4 How to sea ship


Part 7: Creating your brand


7-1 Getting a logo

7-2 Social media (facebook)

7-3 Social media (other platforms)

 7-4 Brand trademarks / registering your brand


Part 8: If you want to send from China directly to Amazon (optional)



Part 1: How to do in-depth keyword research


1-1 What is keyword research?

1:2 Proven manual keyword research methods for Amazon products

1:3 Amazon keyword research tools

1:4 Selecting your priority keywords


Part 2: Create the perfect product listing


 2-1 Adding your product to FBA

 2-2 Key listing elements


Part 3: Creating a packaging insert (optional)


Part 4: How to send your product to FBA


Part 5: Setting up the ultimate product launch


5-1 Rule changes

5-2 How launches went, pre TOS changes

5-3 Launch strategies and ideas

5-4 technical stuff (creating landing pages, facebook groups, amazon claim coupons )


Part 6: Getting reviews


Part 7: Setting up your Amazon pay per click advertising


7-1 intro

7-2 How PPC helps organic rank

7-3 How to structure your first campaigns

7-4 Understanding the Numbers


Part 8: Rinsing and repeating


Part 9: Taxes








This isn’t just some E-book – it’s a premium training manual.


After spending thousands of dollars on courses, going into business myself and working with clients every day, I have distilled everything I know and practise into this guide.


And if you are less than 100% happy with the Blueprint, I offer a total refund.

Click Purchase now and start your private label journey the right way!