Ready to take a look behind the curtains of one of my products that does £10k+ per month?

Ok here’s the deal, I decided to take you behind on the scenes of one of my most successful products and I go over everything – including all the unrelated tips and strategies that will help you pick a product.

As you probably know, nobody ever gives away their products – it’s all general talk but no specifics.

But Dan, why would you do this?

I go over this in probably a bit too much detail in the introduction video, but in a nutshell, I’m moving all my business into print on demand products and building off amazon. And while I’m still running products on amazon .com, I won’t be selling FBA in the UK anymore.

So that means, I don’t care about revealing my product AND hey, let’s be real, I can turn that into another little source on passive income too.

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ll cover:

* Intro into why I decided to share all this information and the, of course, the product

* The mindset behind the research, the software I used and the price + BSR filters

I used. I also talk about how I sourced the product from China

* My keyword research, at look at my keyword research file, PPC results and how I used this information to out-optimise the other sellers and get the top-rated seller badge

* My launch and review process + ideas for post-TOS launches (BONUS I also drop one of ASM’s big facebook ranking ‘secrets’)

* Some of the downsides to this product and how the market has been changing

I don’t hold anything back!

With over 2 hours of over-the-shoulder material, I break down every single aspect for you – and the best part? I’m only charging $14.99!

As you probably know if you read my site, I don’t have time for internet sleaze bullshit or over-priced materials which I why I keep all my training materials affordable for ALL sellers.

So, set aside some time, grab a pen and paper and take a look at this private case study today!