The PPC Clinic

Should you be launching your first product without understanding how Amazon's advertising platform works?? 


OF course not!


And yet, that's what hundreds of new sellers are doing EVERY DAY with their Amazon sponsored adverts!


You see, amazon's PPC platform is the most powerful tool we have to drive sales and land on page one - and you need to get it right before your listing even goes live.


All too often sellers are forced to piece together less-than-stellar information from around the web or watch endless "PPC Secrets" webinars (which are usually just yet another up-sell to some super expensive course)!


After dealing with dozens of sellers and their PPC accounts, I realised a lot were flat out losing money on PPC or were severely underperforming.


Here're just some of the common mistakes I see all too often


I've worked with clients who had no keywords on the backend, 3 keywords in their entire PPC campaign (including their own brand name- that nobody has ever heard of) and almost no good keywords in the title.


Others were trying to use an auto campaign to get keyword ideas - which is almost impossible UNLESS you ALREADY have those keywords in the title / bullets.


Some didn't know how to look at a Merchant words spreadsheet or know they could put keywords in the backend - and others had them all stuffed in the platinum keyword section! 


And that's just the tip of the iceberg...


The sad thing is, all these sellers are at serious risk of being hammered out of business by their more savvy counterparts. 

Because amazon really is a jungle - you absolutely MUST know what you are doing with PPC


If you are new to E-commerce in general and to Amazon,investing in your PPC knowledge is one of the most important things you can and must do- and I'm not just saying this as someone who is selling a training product.


But what if you have already launched?


Well, if you are already running campaigns you may have a problem if:


You find yourself on Facebook groups asking about your PPC campaigns 

You find you are getting low impressions across the board 

You are getting clicks but not converting 

You feel lost and confused when looking at your amazon search term report 


But the good news is to every problem there is a solution and with properly structured training, you can take back control of your campaigns.


That's why I created an in-depth PPC training course that doesn't cost a fortune


We are in full amazon gold rush mode now which is why the average cost of training has spiralled out of control - when a certain 5k course set the high price and people paid, all the other gurus in town got the message.


Well, I can tell you, as a seller, this makes me sick!


I believe good quality training can also come at a fair price and be accessible to every single seller that needs it, especially if you are starting on a tight budget, desperate to carve out a new way of your life for yourself - just like I was a few years ago.


That's why you can access the Amazon PPC clinic for just $35.


So save yourself hundreds of dollars - because I guarantee with the tools and training I will give you, your campaigns will have the very best chance at success possible.

And if you don't feel you got any benefit - you have a full 30-day refund window


Quite simply, If you finish the PPC clinic and still feel confused, or maybe feel like you didn't get the best bang for your buck - you have 30 days to get your money back.


Apart from selling, I also make money from helping other sellers - my reputation is very important (and public!) which is why you are in good hands.


And of course, you can contact me anytime with doubts or questions here or in any of the Facebook seller groups (where I'm usually fairly active).


So if you're ready, click the green button and let's transform your PPC!





 And here's how the PPC clinic has already helped sellers just like you


Richard Evans:


This is an invaluable training tool for anyone who wants to understand how to run Amazon sponsored ads. Dan takes you through all the steps and explains issues that can be quite complex in a very simple and practical way.

I bought this very affordable course for one of my VA’s, so that she could understand the basics in order to help me manage one of the critical parts of our business. I don’t think you ever master this black art in full, but this training will certainly make the process and workload  a lot easier”



Mike Sirman:


"It really helped for sure even with me selling for a few months already, for someone new that did not take all the time I already did on keywords and ppc this would be extremely handy.

Personally, I found the keyword tools even more useful than the ppc side of it. I got a lot of new ones and cleaned out duplicates following your process."


Jennifer Johnson:


"Just what I needed!  Dan's course gave step by step instructions on how to set up back-end search terms, write a title that converts, set up Sponsored Ad campaigns, organize and interpret the search term reports, and how to tweak your campaign search terms and ad spend to ensure the best ACOS.  The way you organized excel was all new to me and a game changer! Excellent!"


Julie Rains:


"PPC Clinic finally enabled me to start an ad campaign with confidence with step by step instructions and took the fear and guessing out of creating an Amazon PPC campaign. The strategies that the course provided helped me stay within my campaign budget without overspending. I highly this course to anyone that is thinking about creating a PPC campaign on Amazon!"


Sasha Velin

Sometimes the simple things are the most effective - I took the course and realised how much I didn’t know! So I went back and had to re-do my research and then add to my campaigns and improve them- I’m now getting a WAY better result, better spend and much nicer impressions since rewriting my title. Highly recommended!


Georgina Kerr


"As a beginner selling on Amazon, I wasn't sure what tools to invest in to get the most out of PPC. This course helped me understand the various tools in the marketplace as well as how to drive and maintain my PPC campaigns. I learned a lot from this course - I would definitely recommend".


Simon Denning 


"The Amazon PPC Clinic is a fantastic resource. I have been selling on for over 1 year and after watching these insightful, well-structured tutorial videos I am still learning new tips and tricks. Not only that but it has motivated and given me the tools to drill down to the specifics of my PPC campaigns. I wish I had used this when I was starting out!"


Join today and see what a difference it makes to your campaigns!