Clients and partners

If you are developing or already have an existing product but are struggling to get traction on Amazon, I can help get you on track and selling.


Apart from my own selling experience in all of the Amazon market places, I also work with a private network of Amazon power sellers and specialists that know the Amazon game inside and out.


There is Zero Risk for you and I don't charge anything up-front! 


We work together on a partnership basis, which means I will handle your account, product description, listing creation, launch, PPC, reviews, feedback sequence and everything in return for 15% of the Amazon pay out for an agreed period of time.


So basically, if I don't do my job, I don't get paid!


And so if I fail to get your product performing and making money, you lose nothing in up-front fees!


The worst case scenario is you have a better optimised listing and better keywords, no harm, no foul.


Now, if you are the kind of person that is:


* Responsive 


* Against black hat, hacks and manipulative marketing/selling 


* Cares about their product and business


* Has a product that is not performing (or wants to launch a product on Amazon)


* Is selling something a little bit different or unique (so not a garlic press or silicone baking mould)


* Open to trying different channels of advertising to help your product


* Is willing to give units away at $1 in promotions to launch a product


* Is willing to change up product packaging / photos (if necessary)


* Doesn't like to micro manage


* Willing to trust someone to totally manage their Seller Central account


* Understands the benefit of working together with someone with complementary skill sets 


Now if that sounds like you, drop me a line and let's have a conversation!






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