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When getting started, learning to use Amazon’s Pay Per Click engine can be pretty daunting.


If you have found yourself being confused by Amazon reports and spending too much on your

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This book will arm you with the tools and knowledge to go from zero - to running multiple

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When I’m not looking after my own campaigns, I’m helping other sellers get the most from theirs



In the PPC guide, I break down everything: from how to properly research your keywords and

create your listing – to setting up your campaigns.


I’ll show you how to test, tweak and interpret all your PPC data to make sure you keep to spending

tight and, most importantly, profitable!   

I this book, I cover every single aspect of Amazon PPC – in detail, more specifically: 


You’ll learn:


Part 1: Keyword research


1:1          What is keyword research exactly?

1:2          Proven keyword research methods for Amazon products

1:3          Amazon keyword research tools

1:4          Selecting your priority keywords

1:5          Creating your listing with your keywords

1:6          What does Amazon index?


 Part 2: Introduction to amazon PPC advertising


2:1          Types of Amazon campaign

2:2          Campaign structure: broad, phrase, exact, negatives and bid plus

2:3          Reviews

2:4          Product listing and images

2:5          Product niche and competition

2:6          Keywords and the Pareto Principle

2:7          How amazon decides to place your ad


Part 3: campaign creation


3:1          How to set up your campaign

3:2          Setting up campaigns with variations


Part 4: Refining


4:1          Refining bids and pausing keywords

4:2          Using the weekly search term report

4:3          Adding in new exact phrases and negatives

4:4          Refine, refine and refine again



Part 5: Troubleshooting


High clicks – low conversions:

Zero Impressions

High impressions – No clicks

Daily budget drained too quickly

I ran PPC Auto campaigns and I see ASIN numbers

Amazon says my product is ineligible for PPC







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