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If you need a dedicated amazon account manager or just someone to help run your Amazon business, you’re in the right place!

If you are a small to medium brand and have thoughts along the line of ‘I know I should be selling on amazon but I don’t have the time/interest to dedicate’ then I may be of some use to you!

For about the past 2 or so years, these are the types of brands I have most liked working with and I’ll go over everything I can offer right here, without the usual obscured nonsense or bait that agencies use.

I'll also include links to previous and current clients so you can get a feel for work samples – the goal being to try and give you enough info right off to the bat.

Technical stuff – here are some aspects I can help with:


While my offer here is Amazon-related, I’ll include all my E-com experience as sometimes I do a bit of crossover work and from time to time and a client may need help with other sales channels too:

* 5+ Years experience all things Amazon, private label and FBA

* A serious amount of experience running amazon accounts and PPC for brands

* 1000+ amazon listings created across all kinds of products with detailed keyword reports

* Experience with amazon com and all the EU platforms

* Experience researching with Jungle Scout Web App, Helium 10 Suite & Viral Launch

* Experience with Mailchimp (for my own websites)

* Experience with Facebook and Pinterest Marketing

* 3 Years of selling print on demand on Etsy

* 3 Years running my own branded store on Shopify

* Building on Shopify, integrating with apps

* Experience building a thriving website and blog writing

* Basic Photoshop

* Experience working with apps like Slack, Basecamp, etc

* 4 years experience selling print on demand on eBay

* 4 Years selling on Merch by Amazon

* Experience with Printful, Teelaunch, AOP, Gearbubble, Printify


Am I a jack of all trades, master of none?


No, I am a master of about 3-4 very specific things and with a good working knowledge of other aspects related to marketing and E-com.


While it seems a lot, these are just the typical skill sets involved in running an online business and while making the transition to Amazon can be overwhelming for many sellers, I can help build your Amazon business from the ground up, even if you have no idea where to begin. 


What specifically can I do for Amazon?


Create listings that convert, perform keyword research, list those listings on Amazon for you (if you like), set up, run and monitor your PPC campaigns, handle your customer support (if necessary), help organize your FBA shipments (create the shipment plans, etc) and more.


What don’t I do?


If you just need someone to list products, I’m not the guy for that, I’m a high-end specialist that combines a few different skill sets. Running an account from copy to ads is a very specific set of skills and far beyond just a paid product uploader.

Also, I don’t do image photography – I’m not a photographer. I can use any brand assets you have and resize them and build an ECB template for you though.


Why you should work with me instead of an agency   


First, let’s state the obvious, for the most part, working with an agency is much more expensive because of all their overheads. Part of your bill is going toward them buying coffee capsules for their espresso machine.


Not only that, but most agencies are also run by ‘sales guys’ or rainmakers, their job is to sell you on the beautiful image of what they are going to do for you using the usual combination of jargon and borderline sociopathic confidence. Once they sell you on the big pitch, they will then have, in most cases, underpaid and not particularity competent people doing the actual work.


Most of these guys aren’t sellers and don’t have much of a clue about what’s going on with Amazon.


I know this because I also work for agencies and on occasion, I come in to ‘fix’ some PPC, and some of the things I’ve seen so-called experts do.


Let’s remember, when an agency quotes you 500 dollars for a listing, as some do, probably 50 dollars will go to the writer and while you think you’ve paid for a premium copywriter, the fact is, 9 times out of 10 you will have simply vastly overpaid for something quite average.


I’m cheaper and you get to support a small businessman 


When you work with me directly you will pay less on average and you also get to bask in the warm glow of knowing that every penny you spend helps put food on the table for my kids and the menagerie of street animals that my wife insists on feeding.


Also, I have no fixed contracts, you pay for a month and that’s it, you’re not locked into anything.


Any by the, cheaper doesn't mean inferior - it just means I don't have bloated overheads or teams to pay for doing all the work. My pricing is very fair and competitive and I have written listings that convert at 40% and have great keyword visibility for PPC.


Zero employee mentality 


I have been running and importing my own Amazon products for years and I know the scope of the whole operation from sourcing, importing to selling. This means that when I make a call on something, I do it as it were my own business – this keeps me connected to you and focused on making good business decisions as opposed to wasting time and effort on billable hours.


So how much does it cost?


Generally, I offered tier-based pricing depending on how many products you have with here is the general cost breakdown:


Individual listings


$130 per listing, includes keyword research reports and HTML formatted. Listing turnaround is 1-2 working days on average.

ECB listings: 150 per listing, includes the usual, plus I can instruct your graphic designer on the images I would need or rework your own branded images (I have some examples below)


Monthly plans 


Since I work with smaller brands, these plans usually cover most bases and if you have a large SKU catalog you’ll see some savings on a per listing basis:


Basic account manager: 1 month PPC and Copywriting retainer: $300 (copy for up to 4 listings and PPC management up to 5 SKUs on one marketplace).


Advanced manager: 1 month PPC and Copywriting retainer: $500 (copy for up to 4 listings and PPC management up to 5 SKUs on one marketplace) + I will upload all the listings for you, open and handle cases with Amazon when troubleshooting and create and manage product shipments.


Larger Sellers Basic Account Manager: 1 month PPC and Copywriting retainer: $600 (copy for up to 8 listings and PPC management up to 10 SKUs on one marketplace).


Advanced larger seller monthly: 1 month PPC and Copywriting retainer: $600 (copy for up to 8 listings and PPC management up to 10 SKUs on one marketplace + I will upload all the listings for you, open and handle cases with Amazon when troubleshooting and create and manage product shipments.


If you have ten plus products, you can email me right HERE and we can work something out.


Some previous & current brand work


Here are some of the brands I've worked with to give you a feel of the types of listings I create etc - this is just a cross-section I feel gives a good representation, most brands I have signed NDAs with though so can't show it all off :)

St. Tropica (listings and ppc) - listing example 



Ecoliving - Listings (regular HTML) and ppc - full account management 







Joyspring Vitamins ( I'm not the sole listing writer. For this brand, I do the bullets and work with their graphic designer to do the copy for the images and copy and plan the images for the EBC. I'm quite aggressive on their copy but it's a bit of a balancing act with claims on supplements. Some of my listings for them convert at 40% so you can rest assured that I know what I'm doing.








ComfyLife - They started as small PL sellers and the listing I made for their neck pillow caught fire and they built out their empire from there. Their bath toy set you can see bellow sells like gangbusters. I'm their go-to when they launch new products.






Example 1

example 2

Tea Plus - An interesting UK tea startup, i just did a short contract on their PPC





Millie and Ted: I do the ECB, taking their brand images and making the template and doing the copy. For this brand I also create the header and footer myself​












For more samples or questions, please get in touch via my contact form or danmoodyfba (at) Gmail (dom) com

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